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Picture 2158Cobbler’s Corner is Rochester’s oldest shoe repair still in existence; we have over 80 years of experience and four generations of master craftsmen. We are a family owned and operated business with very high expectations for our workmanship and attention to detail. We are first and foremost a shoe repair shop; however we are not limited to just shoes. We also repair jackets, purses, clothing, sports and horse riding equipment, luggage, and anything that we have the tools for. We don’t care if it’s not a shoe, if we have the tools and knowledge to fix it- we will! We also offer modification to existing items, such as: gun holster modification, horse harness and lead alterations, suspenders,  shoe stretching, we install replacement or custom straps, we install taps for tap dance, dog/cat chewed items, purse handle shortening or replacement, purse cleaning and conditioning. The list is endless, we really do work on just about everything! When it comes to our specialty (shoes) we offer every service possible. We do complete rebuilding of dress shoes, work boots, slippers, sneakers, you name it, full soles, half soles, heels, tips, stitching, patching, cleaning off that funny stain, or completely changing the color of an old pair to breathe some new life into them. We offer shoe shines while you wait, Ugg boot cleaning, shampooing and repair. We sell a variety of shoe care products such as insoles and laces. We also have an assortment of men’s and women’s wallets, we cut keys (also while you wait), we offer custom insoles made in-house specifically for your feet! Call or stop in today to see just what we can fix for you! Our quality work ethic and attention to detail will make us stand out among the competition , and since we are family owned and operated we treat each and every customer  as if they are part of the family and with respect, we will give you our recommendation for repair and treat your items as if were our own.

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