Our Professional Shoe Repair Shop Services

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A shoe and bag after our professional shoe repair shop servicesWe work on all makes and models, new or vintage, from the seven dollar flip flops, to multi hundred dollar hand crafted shoes and leather items. A short list of some of the things we do: half soles, full soles, heels, full cleaning and conditioning of all shoe and leather/suede cloth items, rips, stitching, belt shortening/repair, purse handle shortening/repair, shoe and boot stretching, jacket and purse zippers, tent and camping equipment repair, luggage repair, custom leather work, motorcycle saddle bag modification/repair, briefcase and duffle bag repair. We have helped customers with their own special projects that need a stitch or rivet/snap that their home sewing machine couldn’t handle. We have made some unique items as well: custom made belts, rawhide bird toys, custom dog collars and leashes. We also offer hole punching for that snug belt! (a free service!) The list goes on! If you’re not sure if an item you have can be repaired or altered just give us a call or stop in, there is never a charge to look an item over and give you our opinion.

We also believe that our work should make it through the most rigorous test…the test of time! We stand behind any job we do for the life of the product. What does that mean? It means we guarantee our job to be free from defects in materials and workmanship until the product is worn out. That means those dress shoes we re-soled that you wear once a month will stay intact until the product is worn through…if it takes you 6 years to wear the sole out, it will stay together for 6 years. We will repair our work for no charge should you have a problem until you physically wear the product out.

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